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Ann and Bruce are in love. (See sidebar for They met on MyYearBook, a social networking web site. They sent each other messages, stickers and other MYB stuff and decided to move to Tagged which offered more capabilities and playtime and got engaged, married and honeymooned on TAGGED.  During this social networking Ann gave Bruce her Yahoo ID and started chatting. They got to know each other better and realized it was more than just playing.

So the loving couple moved onto Skype and started video conversations and learned more about each other and discovered they had a lot in common. They were also falling in love with each other along the way.  The more they video chatted, the more deeper in love they became. Both thought that this was amazing and mysterious, how a man and a woman from across the globe could have such strong feelings for each other.

They decided they should meet. Because of Ann's circumstances in Israel, Bruce decided to go to Israel so the loving couple could meet and decide if what they had know on the Internet was real or not... See their individual pages for their stories and more...

 This web site is a love in progress

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Originally from the Philippines now working and residing in Israel to make a living wage to support her family back in the Philippines.  See her page to know more about her journey.


Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA and now resides just north of Pittsburgh, PA, USA. See his page to learn more about his journey.